Kisan App and Kisan Credit Card

Agricultural Development Bank Limited
( कृषिमूलञ्च जीवनम् )

About Us

Agricultural Development Bank Limited has helped to enhance the productivity of Nepal’s agricultural sector since 1968.This has been accomplished through the provision of agricultural credit supply and commercial banking services to the public. Additionally, with three/fourth of Nepali population relying on agriculture, promoting rural agriculture has enabled ADBL to prosper as one of the leading commercial banks in the nation.

In the wake of agriculture and digitization going hand-in-hand in Nepal, digitizing services in the public sector has been the current top priority for the Government of Nepal. Hence, the government has exponentially increased the digitization of the agricultural sector in the last five years. Through this incentive, ADBL is pleased to announce further extension of this digital connectivity in the form of e-services through the launch of Kisan App and Kisan Credit Card.


A Part Of Digital Foundation

With the primary focus on meeting the demands of our farmers, Kisan App and Kisan Credit Card have been developed as part of ADBL’s digital initiation.

Modern farming enquiries require modern farming solutions. Hence, Kisan app provides solutions in the form of digital images, videos and interactive modules to answer questions related to farming methods, buying and selling process, as well as to give the latest price information on crops in the market. Whereas, Kisan Credit Cards provide farmers with timely access to credits through a secure and faster method of payment.

Through this app, ADBL is proud to give stakeholders access to world-class agricultural methods at their fingertips.

Kisan Credit Card

Kisan Credit Card, provides a medium through which our farmers can make purchases of agriculture goods and tools such as farming equipment, fertilisers and pesticides. It also provides access to the farmers’ finances such as making transactions and with drawing cash without having to visit a bank branch. Along with giving kisan access to credit for different transactions, Kisan Card also acts as an identity card, which will be useful for payment verification.

The initial step of obtaining Kisan Card comprises of visiting a bank branch, filling out the required information and accessing whether one meets the prerequisites to obtain a Kisan Card. This depends on their past transactions and history with the bank.

ADBL’s Kisan Card has the feature of QR codes to make the transaction more digitized, quick and error-free.

Kisan App

The app itself serves as a platform to optimise farming processes. This is mainly done through kisan being able to communicate and transact with krishi merchants, as well as withdraw money and make payments to cashpoint agents.

An overview of the key features available on this app include payment, transfer of payment, utility payment, scan to pay, FAQs as well as knowledge centre for information regarding farming, prices in the market, and other information such as success stories, and information related to the Krishi Merchants and Kisan CashPoint Agents.

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